Arts Lab International is a Creative Arts Agency, which produces and presents innovative art in the public and private realm, working with collaborative artists, individuals and organisations (collaborative partners) to contribute to the dialogues, debates and dreams of our times. Founded in the UK, with headquarters in London and Seoul.

Our Story

Arts Lab International (ALI) was founded by artists Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou (Georgiou & Tolley), who have previously conceived and managed projects in the US, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Russia, India, Brazil, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Japan, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong.  ALI is an artist led collective, a hybrid creative and educational agency (resource) dedicated to promoting and facilitating a cultural and counter-cultural dialogue by organising contemporary art, film, photography, architecture, design, fashion and programmes of international scope.

ALI facilitates its mission:

- By offering specialised advisory services to create meaningful artistic projects in unique settings for public and private organisations.

- By conceiving and organizing exhibitions, archives, collections and artistic programs across all media, which directly relate to the contemporary issues of an ever more collaborative and interdependent global community.

- By documenting and publishing these activities so that the general accessibility and educational effect can be made available for a wider audience.

- By serving as an open forum for discussion with the help of special events such as symposia, workshops, screenings, festivals and collaborative projects with other recognised cultural organisations, public institutions, and professional partners.

Arts Lab International is passionate about connecting different worlds, whether geographically or in regard to disciplines and ideologies. We speak the languages of art, architecture and design, as well as education, politics and creative business. Our core and collective competency is to bridge these sometimes disparate worlds effectively and to the benefit of all parties involved.  ALI feels strongly about the international scope and multicultural aspects of its collaborative assignments and networks.

Images: ©Georgiou&Tolley

Images: ©Georgiou&Tolley